Aukcja: serwer azjatycki, dzień 3

Trzecia  oferta: Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars.

Minimalna oferta: 150 000 wolnych PD

Ilość: 2 000 sztuk

Have you checked out the Auction yet? It is your chance to get new and exclusive high-tier vehicles. A new lot becomes available daily from February 15 to February 19, allowing you to outbid the competition for exceptional offers.


Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.





Today’s lot is the Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars. As a mobile Tier VIII Premium medium with an autoreloader, the Progetto M35 mod. 46 is a real breadwinner. This version of the tank will earn you the same number of credits—but with more style. The exterior of this tank pays a rich tribute to its roots: the Mediterranean, the cradle of classical Roman civilization. And the name “Mars” explains the shield wall adorning the tank’s hull, as well as the turret that resembles the war god’s helmet.

Let’s see what makes it a fan-favorite and why you should put in an offering to the war god and the Auction!

+5 zdjęć


The Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars is equipped with a quick 3-shell autoreloader. The unique mechanic combines the short reload time of a common single-shooter with the great burst potential of an autoloader.

Unlike a standard autoloader, where reloading only starts once a clip is empty or when manually triggered, an autoreloader starts replenishing the clip as soon as a shot is fired. The reload time increases for every shell, with the first shot reloading the fastest.

While the special mechanic is definitely a highlight of the tank’s armament, it isn’t the only outstanding feature. The three shells can be unloaded in just 4 seconds, potentially melting away 720 enemy HP. And with good accuracy, 212 mm penetration, and quick 2.1 s aiming time, you will easily send your enemies to meet Pluto in the underworld.


While the new permanent 3D style dresses the Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars in shiny armor, the actual values of the vehicle are rather bleak looking. You might occasionally have Fortuna on your side and bounce a shot, but it is nothing to rely on. The HP pool of 1,400  is also just average and leaves little room for errors. It is better to gain favors from Mercury, using swiftness and agility to stay in the game.

The camouflage values, boosted by the new style, and a view range of 390 meters are enough to ambush unsuspecting victims and spot an incoming assault. But the Progetto’s primary role remains dealing damage and picking off struggling enemies, not taking damage itself.


The 55 km/h top speed and overall good terrain resistance allow the Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars to easily get around no matter the conditions of the battlefield. Join the advancement and flank unsuspecting opponents, or jump to the aid of a teammate and outmaneuver an attacker. Just keep an eye on the minimap. The Italian medium tank’s agility allows it to dynamically react to any development of the battle.

You can also rely on your mobility to quickly retreat into cover to reload or escape a dangerous situation. But of course, sometimes it is best to take a good position and wait for the right opportunity to strike.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Ventilation

Vertical Stabilizer

Improved Aiming

Vertical Stabilizer

Improved Hardening

Crew Skills




Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot


Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride


Brothers in Arms

Safe Stowage


Brothers in Arms


How to Get the Vehicles


The Progetto M35 mod. 46 Mars is available for a single day only as part of the Auction event!

Enter the Auction through the dedicated page in the in-game Store and place your bid. Lots are put on an open auction, meaning you will see the number of bids made. Once the number of bids exceeds the number of available items, competitive bidding begins. Each lot has a designated in-game currency—credits or Free XP—in which your bids will be accepted.

Make sure to check back daily while the current lot is active, so you don’t miss out on epic offers!

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