Type 59 G – english version

 Type 59 G

This Type model is only available on the Chinese server, which is significantly different from servers that we already know.
First of all company which runs the server is Kongzhong. Chinese server is franchise agreement between them and Wargaming.Net.

As for battle properties, it’s still the same tank as regular Type 59, so characteristics of a gun, engine etc. are the same. Therefore I’m not going to describe them here, not now.

The first difference that we notice is shiny, gold plated armour, together with engraved oriental dragon. The reason for this is the fact that it’s (or rather was) a collector‚s edition tank – released to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Second, most significant feature that distinguishes it from an ordinary Type 59 is a multiplier of it’s earnings and experience. The tank earns double the value of the standard version.

To summarize, besides golden skin – it brings twice as much income and experience than regular Type 59. It’s great, isn’t it? But hey, wheres the catch? 
For most players it has one major disadvantage, which is the reason of unbelivable flame on chinese forum, it’s the price of this tank. 

Type 59 was priced at 7.500 gold, while the price of Type 59 G is 155.520 gold.
As you can see the difference is hudge, and after conversion values are:
Type 59 – ca. 40$ / 30€, Type 59G – ca. 700$ / 550€.

Golden Type was supposed to be a reward for outstanding players, league winners or a special gift for VIP. That was the servers management PROMISE. Unfortunately greed was stronger, and the tank was introduced into regular store.

And here another fun fact about the chinese economic model look at the screenshot:

9.750 gold? wth?!

Most of WoT chinese players isn’t wealthy, moreover they live in poverty that is why boasting with wealth arouses negative emotions.
If the Type G is in your team, he will be usually teamkilled. This is the part of a protest against the company which runs the server.
Players who got it as a reward, sympathize with the majority of community, and either do not fight it, or they already sold it. 

A few scenes from life of a golden Type on chinese server:

If you had enough of continuous teamkills, double earnings and shiny gold skin, you can just sell it:

However, if you want to get Type G, all of us from non chinese server have only one option – download and install gold skin:
Don’t earn that much, but you got +10pts bonus to apperance ^^
„they see me rollin they hatin”


LINK: polska wersja 

If every battle looked like this in our regular Type *sigh


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