Aukcja: serwer azjatycki, dzień 2

Druga  oferta: K-2.

Minimalna oferta: 130 000 wolnych PD
Ilość: 6 000 sztuk

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The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander’s bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.





The second vehicle under the hammer is the K-2, a Soviet heavy tank. The K-2 can become the best buddy for a newbie who’s still learning the game or a tanker who previously thought they weren’t really into heavies. It’s quite forgiving of rookie mistakes due to its outstanding frontal protection. While 250 mm on the turret and 160 mm on the upper glacis plate aren’t phenomenal nominally, the shape of the armor makes it very hard to penetrate. Therefore, a direct attack is always an option—provided your flanks are covered, of course.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this Soviet bruiser.

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Armed with a 122 mm cannon, the K-2 is geared for close-quarter combat. Accuracy (0.42 m), 390 alpha damage, and 6 degrees gun depression are on par with other same-tier Soviet heavies that thrive on exchanging blows. Landing shots on the move and from long range aren’t as successful and can pose a challenge, however.


Thanks to a sturdy shell, the K-2 can go the distance. Very good armor combined with a deep 1,650 HP pool help it take the hits. It also excels at angling: Most of the angled upper hull plate is 160 mm; the lower plate has 135 mm, but its angle gives an effective 210 mm. The upper side of the hull is protected by 30 mm of spaced armor that’s ideal for keeping HEAT shells from penetrating. Beneath the spaced armor is 160 mm of well-angled armor.

The rounded and well-armored turret will bounce plenty of incoming fire. It has notable vulnerabilities: The roof has patches of 30 and 45 mm armor and the cupola is an easy penetration point.


With the K-2’s slow 30 km/h top speed, it’s best to plan ahead in battle. Its average 13.07 hp/t power to weight ratio puts it in the same class as the VIIIObject 252U  and VIIIObject 703 Version II  — just beware of the sluggish 21 deg/s traverse speed and not-so-great ground resistance attributes especially on soft ground.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Crew Skills


Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms

Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms

Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms


Brothers in Arms

How to Get the Vehicles


The Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank is available for a single day only as part of the Auction event!

Enter the Auction through the dedicated page in the in-game Store and place your bid. Lots are put on an open auction, meaning you will see the number of bids made. Once the number of bids exceeds the number of available items, competitive bidding begins. Each lot has a designated in-game currency—credits or Free XP—in which your bids will be accepted.

Make sure to check back daily while the current lot is active, so you don’t miss out on epic offers!

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